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Curve.Closed Property (Visio)

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Determines if an object is closed (that is, if its begin point coincides with its endpoint). Read-only.


expression . Closed

expression A variable that represents a Curve object.

Return Value



Use the Closed property of a Path or Curve object to test for equality (Microsoft Visio uses 10E-6 as its "fuzz" factor) of the object's begin and endpoints. A closed Curve object can be in a Path object that is open, and a Curve object that is open can be in a closed Path object.

The Closed property of a Path object is unrelated to a Path object's fill. A Path object is filled if its Geometry n .NoFill cell is zero (0). If you indicate to Visio to fill an open Path object, it responds as if there is a LineTo cell from the Path object's endpoint to its begin point. When filling a Path object, Visio considers a point to be inside the Path object if a ray drawn from the point in any direction crosses the Path object or any of the shape's other Path objects cross an odd number of times.

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