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ContainerProperties.ListAlignment Property (Visio)

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Specifies how to align and arrange a list shape that you want positioned perpendicular to the main list direction. Read/write.


expression . ListAlignment

expression An expression that returns a ContainerProperties object.

Return Value



Use the ListAlignment property to position shapes along the axis that is perpendicular to the primary list direction. For example, if the primary list direction is horizontal in a given list container, you can use the ListAlignment property to align a shape vertically in that container. The value of the ListAlignment property can be one of the following VisListAlignment constants.

visListAlignLeftOrTop0Left-align or top-align shapes.
visListDirCenterOrMiddle1Center-align or middle-align shapes.
visListDirRightOrBottom2Right-align or bottom-align shapes.

If the container is not a list, Microsoft Visio returns an Invalid Source error.

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