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ContainerProperties.GetMemberState Method (Visio)

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Returns the membership state of the specified shape with respect to the container shape.


expression . GetMemberState( Shape )

expression A variable that represents a ContainerProperties object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
ShapeRequiredShapeThe shape for which to get the membership state.

Return Value



GetMemberState can return one of the following VisContainerMemberState constants.

visContainerMemberNotAMember0The shape is not a member of the container.
visContainerMemberInterior1The member shape is within the bounds of the container.
visContainerMemberOnBoundary2The member shape is on the boundary of the container.
visContainerMemberOutside3The member shape is outside the bounds of the container.
visContainerMemberInList4The member shape is a list member.
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