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Characters.CharPropsRow Property (Visio)

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Returns the index of the row in the Character section of a ShapeSheet window that contains character formatting information for a Characters object. Read-only.


expression . CharPropsRow( BiasLorR )

expression An expression that returns a Characters object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
BiasLorRRequiredIntegerThe direction of the search.

Return Value



If the formatting of the Characters object is represented by more than one row in the Character section of the ShapeSheet window, (in other words, if the Characters object consists of a section of text that spans characters that are formatted differently), the CharPropsRow property returns -1. Under these circumstances, Microsoft Visio ignores the value of the BiasLorR argument. (Characters that have the same character formatting share the same row in the ShapeSheet. Visio creates a new ShapeSheet row only when character formatting changes, for example from bold to italic.)

If the Characters object spans several characters within the same character property row, CharPropsRow returns the index of that row. In this case as well, Visio ignores the BiasLorR argument.

If the Characters object represents an insertion point rather than a sequence of characters (that is, if its Begin and End properties return the same value), use the BiasLorR argument to determine which row index to return.

**Constant ****Value **

Specify visBiasLeft for the row that covers character formatting for the character to the left of the insertion point, or visBiasRight for the row that covers character formatting for the character to the right of the insertion point.

If you specify visBiasLetVisioChoose , Visio uses the same logic it would apply to new text typed in the user interface starting at the insertion point. Usually, that means that Visio will apply the character formatting of the character to the left of the insertion point to the new text, so CharPropsRow will return the same value it would if passed visBiasLeft . (For an explanation of the meaning of "left" in this context, see the following note.) However, if the insertion point is at the beginning of a new paragraph, CharPropsRow returns the value it would return if passed visBiasRight .

Note In the context of a Characters object, "left" means logically prior. In other words, one character is to the "left" of another if it would have been typed first in the course of normal writing. It is necessary to make this distinction because in some languages, characters are normally written from right to left, and not from left to right.

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