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Characters.CharProps Property (Visio)

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Sets a character property of a Characters object to a new value. Write-only.


expression . CharProps( CellIndex )

expression An expression that returns a Characters object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
CellIndexRequiredIntegerThe index of the cell in the Character section to set. See Remarks for possible values.

Return Value



Depending on the extent of the text range and the format, setting the CharProps property may cause rows to be added or removed from a shape's Character ShapeSheet section.

The CharProps property is a write-only property. To retrieve formatting properties of a Characters object, use the CharPropsRow property.

The values of the CellIndex argument correspond to cells in the Character section of the ShapeSheet window, and the values of the CharProps property correspond to the values that can be entered in those cells.

Constants for CellIndex and for the CharProps property value are declared in the Visio type library in VisCellIndices .

** CellIndex**** Value**** intExpression**** Value**
visCharacterFont0An integer that represents an index into the Fonts collection installed on a system. Zero (0) represents the default font.N/A
visCharacterColor1An integer from 0 to 23 that corresponds to a color in the current color palette.N/A
visCharacterStyle2visBoldvisItalicvisUnderLinevisSmallCaps&;H1 &;H2 &;H4 &;H8
visCharacterCase3visCaseNormalvisCaseAllCapsvisCaseInitialCaps0 1 2
visCharacterPos4visPosNormalvisPosSupervisPosSub0 1 2
visCharacterSize7An integer that represents point size.N/A
visCharacterColorTrans17An integer from 0 to 100 that corresponds to the degree of transparency of the text color, as a percentage.N/A
visCharacterFontScale5An integer from 0 to 655 that represents the width of the text font, as a percentage, relative to the default (100%).N/A
visCharacterLangID57A Long that represents the language the text is in. The language ID (LANGID) for a character is a 16-bit value defined by Windows, consisting of a primary language ID and a secondary language ID. To determine the value for particular languages, see the Platform SDK documentation on MSDN.N/A
visCharacterLetterspace16An integer that represents additional space between adjacent letters, in points.N/A

If your Visual Studio solution includes the Microsoft.Office.Interop.Visio reference, this property maps to the following types:

  • Microsoft.Office.Interop.Visio.IVCharacters.set_CharProps
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