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ApplicationSettings.StencilTextColor Property (Visio)

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Determines the color of text in stencil windows in Microsoft Visio for the current session. Read/write.


expression . StencilTextColor

expression A variable that represents a ApplicationSettings object.

Return Value



The StencilTextColor property setting does not persist from one session of Visio to the next.

Valid values for an OLE_COLOR property within Visio can be one of the following:

  • &;H00 bbggrr, where bb is the blue value between 0 and 0xFF (255), gg the green value, and rr the red value.

  • &;H800000 xx , where xx is a valid GetSysColor index.

For details about the GetSysColor function, search for " GetSysColor " in the Microsoft Platform SDK on MSDN.

The OLE_COLOR data type is used for properties that return colors. When a property is declared as OLE_COLOR , the Properties window displays a color-picker dialog box that allows the user to select the color for the property visually, rather than having to remember the numeric equivalent.

In addition, you can use the following Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) color constants for OLE_COLOR .

** vbGreen**0xFF00Green
** vbMagenta**0xFF00FFMagenta
** vbCyan**0xFFFF00Cyan
** vbWhite**0xFFFFFFWhite
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