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ApplicationSettings.DrawingBackgroundColorGradient Property (Visio)

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Determines the background gradient color of the Microsoft Visio drawing window for the current session. Read/write.


expression . DrawingBackgroundColorGradient

expression A variable that represents an ApplicationSettings object.

Return Value



Valid values for an OLE_COLOR property within Visio can be one of the following:

  • &;H00 bbggrr, where bb is the blue value between 0 and 0xFF (255), gg the green value, and rr the red value.

  • &;H800000 xx , where xx is a valid GetSysColor index.

For details about the GetSysColor function, search for " GetSysColor " in the Microsoft Platform SDK on MSDN.

The OLE_COLOR data type is used for properties that return colors. When a property is declared as OLE_COLOR , the Properties window displays a color-picker dialog box that allows the user to select the color for the property visually, rather than having to remember the numeric equivalent.

In addition, you can use the following Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) color constants for OLE_COLOR .

** vbGreen**0xFF00Green
** vbMagenta**0xFF00FFMagenta
** vbCyan**0xFFFF00Cyan
** vbWhite**0xFFFFFFWhite

Setting the BackgroundColorGradient property of the active window to a value other than the default (-1) overrides the DrawingBackgroundColorGradient setting for that window. To be able to reset the background gradient color of the same active window by setting the DrawingBackgroundColorGradient property, you must reset BackgroundColorGradient to its default value, -1. If multiple windows are open, setting BackgroundColorGradient for one window has no effect on the setting for other open windows.

Note You can specify two colors for the drawing background. If users' screen resolution is adequate, one of the colors will grade into the other from the top to the bottom of the screen. To be able to use this feature, users must set their monitors to display 32-bit color. The ability to set drawing background color programmatically for users running in high-contrast mode is restricted.


The following VBA macro shows how to use the DrawingBackgroundColorGradient property to get and set the application background gradient color. It also shows how to get an ApplicationSettings object from the Visio Application object, and it demonstrates the relationship between the DrawingBackgroundColorGradient property and the Window.BackgroundColorGradient property. This example assumes there is a drawing window open in Visio and that initially all background gradient color properties are set to their default values.

Public Sub DrawingBackgroundColorGradient_Example() 

 Dim vsoApplicationSettings As Visio.ApplicationSettings 
 Set vsoApplicationSettings = Visio.Application.Settings 

 'Get the current application background gradient color. 
 Debug.Print vsoApplicationSettings.DrawingBackgroundColorGradient 

 'Get the active window background color gradient. 
 Debug.Print ActiveWindow.BackgroundColorGradient 

 'Change the application background gradient color. 
 'This also changes the active window color as 
 'well as the setting in the Color Settings dialog box. 
 vsoApplicationSettings.DrawingBackgroundColor = vbRed 

 'Change the active window background gradient color. 
 ActiveWindow.BackgroundColorGradient = vbMagenta 

 'Change the application background gradient color again. 
 'This time, there is no change in the current 
 'window color, but the dialog box setting changes. 
 vsoApplicationSettings.DrawingBackgroundColorGradient = vbYellow 

 'Reset Window.BackgroundColorGradient to its default value. 
 ActiveWindow.BackgroundColorGradient = -1 

 'Change the application background gradient color again. 
 'Now both the active window color 
 'and the dialog box setting change. 
 vsoApplicationSettings.DrawingBackgroundColorGradient = vbBlue 

End Sub
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