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Application.FullBuild Property (Visio)

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Returns the full build number of the running instance. Read-only.


expression . FullBuild

expression A variable that represents an Application object.

Return Value



The format of the build number is described in the following table.

** Bits**** Description**
0 - 15Internal build number
16 - 20Internal revision number
21 - 25Minor version number
26 - 30Major version number (Visio = 15)

In addition, for Visio, to obtain the correct full build number, it is necessary to add 1000 to the internal revision number part of the full build number returned by the FullBuild property, as shown in the following macro.

The build number of the running instance is written to the FullBuildNumberCreated property when a new document is created, and to the FullBuildNumberEdited property when a document is edited.


The following Microsoft Visual Basic procedures show how to use the FullBuild property to get the full build number of the current instance of Visio. Once the full build number has been obtained, the ParseFullBuildProperty procedure parses the number and prints the results in the Immediate window.

Public Sub FullBuild_Example() 

 Dim lngFullBuild as Long 
 lngFullBuild = Application.FullBuild 
 ParseFullBuildProperty (lngFullBuild) 

End Sub
Public Sub ParseFullBuildProperty(ByRef lngFullBuild As Long) 

 Dim lngMajor As Long 
 Dim lngMinor As Long 
 Dim lngRevision As Long 
 Dim lngBuild As Long 
 Dim lngNumber As Long 

 lngNumber = lngFullBuild 

 ' Low 16 bits: 
 lngBuild = lngNumber Mod 65536 
 lngNumber = lngNumber / 65536 

 'Next 5 bits: 
 lngRevision = lngNumber Mod 32 
 lngNumber = lngNumber / 32 

 'Next 5 bits: 
 lngMinor = lngNumber Mod 32 
 lngNumber = lngNumber / 32 

 'Next 5 bits: 
 lngMajor = lngNumber Mod 32 
 lngNumber = lngNumber / 32 

 'Remaining 1 bit unused and 0 as of Visio 2010 
 Debug.Print "lngFullBuild (full version specification): " &; lngMajor &; "." _ 
 &; lngMinor &; "." &; lngBuild &; "." &; lngRevision + 1000 
 Debug.Assert(0 = lngNumber) 

End Sub
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