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AccelItem.AddOnArgs Property (Visio)

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Gets or sets the argument string that you send to the add-on associated with a particular accelerator key. Read/write.


expression . AddOnArgs

expression An expression that returns a AccelItem object.

Return Value



An argument's string can be anything appropriate for the add-on. However, the arguments are packaged together with other information into a command string, which cannot exceed 127 characters. For best results, limit arguments to 50 characters.

An object's AddOnName property indicates the name of the add-on to which the arguments are sent.

Beginning with Visio 2002, the AddOnName property used in the following example cannot execute a string that contains arbitrary Microsoft Visual Basic code. To call code that in previous versions of Visio you would have passed to the AddOnName property, move it to a procedure in a document's Visual Basic project that is called from the AddOnName property, as shown in the following example.

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