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ShapeNode.SegmentType Property (Publisher)

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Returns an MsoSegmentType constant that indicates whether the segment associated with the specified node is straight or curved. Read-only.


expression. SegmentType

_expression_A variable that represents a ShapeNode object.

Return Value



If the specified node is a control point for a curved segment, this property returns msoSegmentCurve.

Use the SetSegmentType method to set the value of this property.

The SegmentType property value can be one of these MsoSegmentType constants declared in the Microsoft Publisher type library.

| msoSegmentCurve| | msoSegmentLine|


This example changes all straight segments to curved segments in the first shape on the first page of the active publication. For this example to work, the specified shape must be a freeform drawing.

Sub ChangeSegmentTypes() 
 Dim intNode As Integer 
 With ActiveDocument.Pages(1).Shapes(1).Nodes 
 intNode = 1 
 Do While intNode <= .Count 
 If .Item(intNode).SegmentType = msoSegmentLine Then 
 .SetSegmentType Index:=intNode, _ 
 End If 
 intNode = intNode + 1 
 End With 
End Sub
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