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Selection.ChildShapeRange Property (Publisher)

office 365 dev account|Last Updated: 8/24/2017
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Returns a ShapeRange object representing the child shapes of a selection.


expression. ChildShapeRange

_expression_A variable that represents a Selection object.

Return Value



This example creates a new page in the active publication, populates the page with shapes, and selects and groups the shapes. Then, after canceling the selection of two of the group shapes, it changes the AutoShape type for one of the shapes.

Sub ChangeFillToChildShape() 

 With ThisDocument.Pages(1) 
 With .Shapes 
 .AddShape msoShape4pointStar, 10, 10, 175, 175 
 .AddShape msoShapeOval, 100, 100, 175, 75 
 .AddShape msoShapeOval, 150, 150, 175, 75 
 End With 
 .Shapes(1).GroupItems(1).Select msoFalse 
 .Shapes(1).GroupItems(2).Select msoFalse 
 End With 

 Selection.ChildShapeRange(3).AutoShapeType = msoShapeDiamond 

End Sub
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