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Plate.Luminance Property (Publisher)

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Returns or sets a Long indicating a calculated luminance value for the specified plate; used for spot-color trapping. Valid values are from 0 to 100. Read/write.


expression. Luminance

_expression_A variable that represents a Plate object.

Return Value



This property is valid only for publications with a ** ColorMode** property value of pbColorModeSpot or for spot plates in a publication with a ColorMode property value of pbColorModeSpotAndProcess.


The following example loops through all the spot-color plates in a publication and reports their luminance values.

Dim plaTemp As Plates 
Dim plaLoop As Plate 

Set plaTemp = ActiveDocument.Plates 

If ActiveDocument.ColorMode <> pbColorModeSpot And _ 
 ActiveDocument.ColorMode <> pbColorModeSpotAndProcess Then 
 Debug.Print "No spot colors in this publication." 
 For Each plaLoop In plaTemp 
 With plaLoop 
 Debug.Print "Plate " &; .Name _ 
 &; " has a luminance of " &; .Luminance 
 End With 
 Next plaLoop 
End If
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