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PictureFormat.VerticalPictureLocking Property (Publisher)

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Returns or sets a PbVerticalPictureLocking constant indicating where newly inserted pictures appear in relation to the specified frame. Read/write.


expression. VerticalPictureLocking

_expression_A variable that represents a PictureFormat object.

Return Value



The Vertical PictureLocking property value can be one of the PbVerticalPictureLocking constants declared in the Microsoft Publisher type library and shown in the following table.

pbVerticalLockingBottomNew pictures are inserted along the bottom edge of the frame.
pbVerticalLockingNoneNew pictures are inserted in the center between the top and bottom edges of the frame.
pbVerticalLockingStretchNew pictures are vertically stretched to the full height of the frame.
pbVerticalLockingTopNew pictures are inserted along the top edge of the frame.


The following example locks the specified picture to the upper-left corner of the picture frame. Shape one on page one of the active publication must be a picture frame for this example to work.

With ActiveDocument.Pages(1).Shapes(1).PictureFormat 
 .HorizontalPictureLocking = pbHorizontalLockingLeft 
 .VerticalPictureLocking = pbVerticalLockingTop 
End With
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