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PictureFormat.HorizontalScale Property (Publisher)

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Returns a Long that represents the scaling of the picture along its horizontal axis. The scaling is expressed as a percentage (for example, 200 equals 200 percent scaling). Read-only.


expression. HorizontalScale

_expression_A variable that represents a PictureFormat object.

Return Value



The effective resolution of a picture is inversely proportional to the scaling at which the picture is printed. The larger the scaling, the lower the effective resolution. For example, suppose a picture measuring 4 inches by 4 inches was originally scanned at 300 dpi. If that picture is scaled to 2 inches by 2 inches, its effective resolution is 600 dpi.

Use the EffectiveResolution property of the PictureFormat object to determine the resolution at which the picture or OLE object will print in the specified document.


The following example prints selected image properties for each picture in the active publication.

Dim pgLoop As Page 
Dim shpLoop As Shape 

For Each pgLoop In ActiveDocument.Pages 
 For Each shpLoop In pgLoop.Shapes 
 If shpLoop.Type = pbPicture Or shpLoop.Type = pbLinkedPicture Then 

 With shpLoop.PictureFormat 

 If .IsEmpty = msoFalse Then 
 Debug.Print "File Name: " &; .Filename 
 Debug.Print "Resolution in Publication: " &; .EffectiveResolution &; " dpi" 
 Debug.Print "Horizontal Scaling: " &; .HorizontalScale &; "%" 
 Debug.Print "Height in publication: " &; .Height &; " points" 
 Debug.Print "Vertical Scaling: " &; .VerticalScale &; "%" 
 Debug.Print "Width in publication: " &; .Width &; " points" 
 End If 

 End With 
 End If 
 Next shpLoop 
Next pgLoop 

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