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PbTextUnit Enumeration (Publisher)

office 365 dev account|Last Updated: 8/24/2017
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The unit by which to expand a range.

pbTextUnitCell12Expand by a cell
pbTextUnitCharacter1Expand by a character
pbTextUnitCharFormat13Expand by a CharFormat
pbTextUnitCodePoint17Expand by a code point
pbTextUnitColumn9Expand by a unit column
pbTextUnitLine5Expand by a unit line
pbTextUnitObject16Expand by an object
pbTextUnitParaFormat14Expand by a ParaFormat
pbTextUnitParagraph4Expand by a paragraph
pbTextUnitRow10Expand by a row
pbTextUnitScreen7Expand by a screen
pbTextUnitSection8Expand by a section
pbTextUnitSentence3Expand by a sentence
pbTextUnitStory6Expand by a story
pbTextUnitTable15Expand by a table
pbTextUnitWindow11Expand by a window
pbTextUnitWord2Expand by a word
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