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ParagraphFormat.SetLineSpacing Method (Publisher)

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Formats the line spacing of specified paragraphs.


expression. SetLineSpacing( Rule, Spacing)

_expression_A variable that represents a ParagraphFormat object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
RuleRequiredPbLineSpacingRuleThe line spacing to use for the specified paragraphs.
SpacingOptionalVariantThe spacing (in points) for the specified paragraphs.


The Rule parameter can be one of the PbLineSpacingRule constants declared in the Microsoft Publisher type library and shown in the following table.

pbLineSpacing1pt5Sets the spacing for specified paragraphs to one-and-a-half lines.
pbLineSpacingDoubleDouble-spaces the specified paragraphs.
pbLineSpacingExactlySets the line spacing to exactly the value specified in the Spacing argument, even if a larger font is used within the paragraph.
pbLineSpacingMixedA return value for the LineSpacing property that indicates that line spacing is a combination of values for the specified paragraphs.
pbLineSpacingMultipleSets the line spacing to the value specified in the Spacing argument.
pbLineSpacingSingleSingle spaces the specified paragraphs.


This example sets the line spacing to double.

Sub SetLineSpacingForSelection() 
 Selection.TextRange.ParagraphFormat.SetLineSpacing _ 
 Rule:=pbLineSpacingDouble, Spacing:=12 
End Sub
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