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Page.YOffsetWithinReaderSpread Property (Publisher)

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Returns a Single that represents the distance (in points) from the top edge of the reader spread to the top edge of the page. Read-only.


expression. YOffsetWithinReaderSpread

_expression_A variable that represents a Page object.

Return Value



This example creates a shape on the second and third pages of the active publication and then sets the position of the shape on the third page to the diagonally opposite corner of the page from the shape on the second page. For this example to work, the active publication must have at least three pages.

Sub OffsetShapePositions() 
 Dim shpOne As Shape 
 Dim intLeft As Integer 
 Dim intTop As Integer 
 Dim intWidth As Integer 
 Dim intHeight As Integer 

 With ActiveDocument 
 .ViewTwoPageSpread = True 

 With .Pages 
 intWidth = 150 
 intHeight = 150 
 intLeft = (.Item(2).Width / 2) - intWidth 
 intTop = InchesToPoints(7) 

 Set shpOne = .Item(2).Shapes.AddShape _ 
 (Type:=msoShape5pointStar, Left:=intLeft, _ 
 Top:=intTop, Width:=intWidth, Height:=intHeight) 

 intLeft = (.Item(3).XOffsetWithinReaderSpread - _ 
 .Item(2).XOffsetWithinReaderSpread) + (.Item(2) _ 
 .Width - shpOne.Left - shpOne.Width) 
 intTop = (.Item(3).YOffsetWithinReaderSpread - _ 
 .Item(2).YOffsetWithinReaderSpread) + (.Item(2) _ 
 .Height - shpOne.Top - shpOne.Height) 

 .Item(2).Shapes.AddShape Type:=msoShape5pointStar, _ 
 Left:=intLeft, Top:=intTop, Width:=intWidth, _ 
 End With 
 End With 
End Sub
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