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MailMergeDataSources Object (Publisher)

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Represents the collection of all MailMergeDataSource objects in the active Microsoft Publisher document, each of which represents one of the data sources in a mail merge operation.


The default member of the MailMergeDataSources collection is the Item method, which returns the MailMergeDataSource object at the index position you specify.

If there is only a single MailMergeDataSource object in the active document, the MailMergeDataSources collection is empty. In that case, if you attempt to get the value of the DataSources property of the MailMergeDataSource object, Publisher returns an error.


The following Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macro shows how to get the names of all the connected data sources in the MailMergeDataSources collection in the active document. It uses the IsDataSourceConnected property of the active document to determine if a data source is connected.

If one or more data sources is connected, the macro uses the Count property of the MailMergeDataSources collection to determine how many data sources are connected.

If just one data source is connected, the macro prints the name of that data source in the Immediate window; if more than one data source is connected, it uses the Item method of the MailMergeDataSources collection to iterate through the collection and the Name property of the MailMergeDataSource object to print the name of each connected data source in the Immediate window.

Public Sub MailMergeDataSources_Example() 

 Dim pubMailMergeDataSources As Publisher.MailMergeDataSources 
 Dim pubMailMergeDataSource As Publisher.MailMergeDataSource 
 Dim lngCount As Long 
 Dim intCounter As Integer 

 If ThisDocument.IsDataSourceConnected Then 

 Set pubMailMergeDataSources = ThisDocument.MailMerge.DataSource.DataSources 

 lngCount = pubMailMergeDataSources.Count 

 If lngCount > 1 Then 

 ' More than one data source is connected. 
 For intCounter = 1 To lngCount 
 Debug.Print pubMailMergeDataSources.Item(intCounter).Name 


 ' Only one data source is connected. 
 Set pubMailMergeDataSource = ThisDocument.MailMerge.DataSource 
 Debug.Print "Only one data source ("; pubMailMergeDataSource.Name; ") is connected!" 

 End If 


 Debug.Print "No data sources are connected!" 

 End If 

End Sub




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