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Hyperlink.TargetType Property (Publisher)

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Returns a PbHlinkTargetType constant that represents the type of hyperlink. Read-only.


expression. TargetType

_expression_A variable that represents a Hyperlink object.

Return Value



The TargetType property value can be one of the following PbHlinkTargetType constants.

| pbHlinkTargetTypeEmail| | pbHlinkTargetTypeFirstPage| | pbHlinkTargetTypeLastPage| | pbHlinkTargetTypeNextPage| | pbHlinkTargetTypeNone| | pbHlinkTargetTypePageID| | pbHlinkTargetTypePreviousPage| | pbHlinkTargetTypeURL|


This example verifies that the specified hyperlink is a URL and, if it is, sets the hyperlink display text and address. This example assumes there is at least one shape on the first page of the active publication.

Sub SetHyperlinkTextToDisplay() 
 With ActiveDocument.Pages(1).Shapes(1) _ 
 If .TargetType = pbHlinkTargetTypeURL Then 
 .TextToDisplay = "Tailspin Toys Web Site" 
 .Address = "" 
 End If 
 End With 
End Sub
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