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FillFormat.OneColorGradient Method (Publisher)

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Sets the specified fill to a one-color gradient.


expression. OneColorGradient( Style, Variant, Degree)

_expression_A variable that represents a FillFormat object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
StyleRequiredMsoGradientStyleThe gradient style.
VariantRequiredLongThe gradient variant. Can be a value from 1 to 4, corresponding to the four variants on the Gradient tab in the Fill Effects dialog box. If Style is msoGradientFromTitle or msoGradientFromCenter, this argument can be either 1 or 2.
DegreeRequiredSingleThe gradient degree. Can be a value from 0.0 (dark) to 1.0 (light).


The Style parameter can be one of the MsoGradientStyle constants declared in the Microsoft Office type library and shown in the following table.

| msoGradientDiagonalDown| | msoGradientDiagonalUp| | msoGradientFromCenter| | msoGradientFromCorner| | msoGradientFromTitle| | msoGradientHorizontal| | msoGradientVertical|


This example adds a rectangle with a one-color gradient fill to the active publication.

With ActiveDocument.Pages(1).Shapes _ 
 .AddShape(Type:=msoShapeRectangle, _ 
 Left:=90, Top:=90, Width:=90, Height:=80).Fill 
 .ForeColor.RGB = RGB(0, 128, 128) 
 .OneColorGradient Style:=msoGradientHorizontal, _ 
 Variant:=1, Degree:=1 
End With 
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