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EmailMergeEnvelope.Cc Property (Publisher)

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Gets or sets the MailMergeDataField object that represents the data-source field (column) that lists the e-mail addresses of recipients you want to receive a carbon copy (CC) of the merged e-mail message. Read/write.


expression. Cc

_expression_A variable that represents an EmailMergeEnvelope object.

Return Value



You must make certain that you assign the correct data-source field (the one that represents CC e-mail addresses) to the Cc property. You can use the following line of code, which gets the value of the Name property of the MailMergeDataField object to which Cc is assigned, to ensure that you make the correct assignment:

Debug.Print ThisDocument.MailMerge.EmailMergeEnvelope.Cc.Name

For an example of how to set the Cc property value, see the EmailMergeEnvelope object topic.

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