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Document.Redo Event (Publisher)

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Occurs when reversing the last action that was undone.


expression. Redo

_expression_A variable that represents a Document object.


The Redo event occurs immediately after the action is redone.

If multiple actions are redone, the Redo event occurs only once, after all the actions are complete.

For more information about using events with the Document object, see Using Events with the Document Object.


This example displays a message when a user clicks Undo on the Standard toolbar or selects Redo from the Edit menu. For this routine to work with the current publication, you must put it in the ThisDocument module.

Private Sub DocPub_Redo() 
 MsgBox "Your last undo has been reversed." 
End Sub

To trap this event from a non-Microsoft Publisher project, you must place the following code in the General Declarations section of your module and run the InitiatePubApp routine.

Private WithEvents DocPub As Publisher.Document 

Sub InitiatePubApp() 
 Set DocPub = Publisher.ActiveDocument 
End Sub
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