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ConnectorFormat.BeginConnected Property (Publisher)

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Returns an MsoTriStateconstant indicating whether the beginning of the specified connector is connected to a shape. Read-only.


expression. BeginConnected

_expression_A variable that represents a ConnectorFormat object.

Return Value



The BeginConnected property value can be one of the ** MsoTriState** constants declared in the Microsoft Office type library.

Use the EndConnected property to determine if the end of a connector is connected to a shape.


If the third shape on the first page in the active publication is a connector whose beginning is connected to a shape, this example stores the connection site number, stores a reference to the connected shape, and then disconnects the beginning of the connector from the shape.

Dim intSite As Integer 
Dim shpConnected As Shape 

With ActiveDocument.Pages(1).Shapes(3) 

 ' Test whether shape is a connector. 
 If .Connector Then 
 With .ConnectorFormat 

 ' Test whether connector is connected to another shape. 
 If .BeginConnected Then 

 ' Store connection site number. 
 intSite = .BeginConnectionSite 

 ' Set reference to connected shape. 
 Set shpConnected = .BeginConnectedShape 

 ' Disconnect connector and shape. 
 End If 
 End With 
 End If 
End With 
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