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Application.WindowPageChange Event (Publisher)

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Occurs when switching the view from one page to another page in a publication.


expression. WindowPageChange( Vw, )

_expression_A variable that represents an Application object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
VwRequiredViewThe new view that includes the page to which the view has been switched.


This example changes the view to display the whole page when switching to a new page in a publication. For this example to work, you must place the WithEvents declaration in the General Declarations section of a class module and run the InitializeEvents routine.

Private WithEvents PubApp As Publisher.Application 

Sub InitializeEvents() 
 Set PubApp = Publisher.Application 
End Sub 

Private Sub PubApp_WindowPageChange(ByVal Vw As View) 
 Vw.Zoom = pbZoomWholePage 
End Sub

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