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AdvancedPrintOptions.UseOnlyPublicationFonts Property (Publisher)

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Returns or sets a Boolean that represents whether to only use publication fonts for printing the specified publication. True to print the specified publication using only fonts downloaded from your computer. Read/write. The default is True.


expression. UseOnlyPublicationFonts

_expression_A variable that represents an AdvancedPrintOptions object.

Return Value



Publication fonts are fonts that are downloaded from your computer, as opposed to fonts residing at the printer or imagesetter.

Set this property to False to enable the printer to print the specified publication using its resident fonts (stored in ROM, RAM, or on a hard disk drive) that have the same name as the fonts downloaded from your computer.

Note This may result in the printer substituting resident printer for fonts downloaded from your computer. This results in a slightly faster print time. However, if the resident fonts are not exactly identical to your computer fonts (even if they have the same name), this may cause your printed publication to look different than expected.

Setting this property to True ensures that the fonts used to print the publication are the same ones used to create it.

This property corresponds to the Fonts controls on the Graphics and Fonts tab of the Advanced Print Settings dialog box.


The following example tests to determine if the active publication will be printed using only publication fonts. If it will not, it is set to use only publication fonts.

Sub PrintWithPublicationFontsOnly() 
 With ActiveDocument.AdvancedPrintOptions 
 .UseOnlyPublicationFonts = True 
 End With 
End Sub

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