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AdvancedPrintOptions.Resolution Property (Publisher)

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Returns or sets a String that represents the resolution, in dots per inch (dpi), at which to print the specified publication. Default is dependent on the printer driver, but is usually "(default)". Read/write.


expression. Resolution()

_expression_A variable that represents a AdvancedPrintOptions object.

Return Value



Valid values for the Resolution property depend on the printer driver being used. Printers have preset resolutions that cannot be customized. Values must be formatted in the following manner, including spacing:

  • " HorizontalDotsPerInch x VerticalDotsPerInch"

HorizontalDotsPerInch and VerticalDotsPerInch are numeric values, separated by one space, a lowercase x, and another space.

For example, to set the resolution of a printer to 600 horizontal dpi by 600 vertical dpi, a valid string would read "600 x 600".

The Resolution property also accepts the string "(default)" to specify the printer's default resolution setting. If the printer driver presents a language other than English, the Resolution property also accepts the string that denotes the default setting in that language.

If the Resolution property is set to the default printer driver setting, using a Get statement returns the English string "(default)", regardless of whether the resolution was set to default using a non-English string.

This property corresponds to the Resolution control on the Separations tab of the Advanced Print Settings dialog box.


The following example sets the resolution of the active publication at 300 dpi by 300 dpi. The example assumes that "300 x 300" is a valid string for the printer driver used.

ActiveDocument.AdvancedPrintOptions.Resolution = "300 x 300"

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