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AdvancedPrintOptions.IsPostscriptPrinter Property (Publisher)

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Returns True if the active printer is a PostScript printer. Read-only Boolean.


expression. IsPostscriptPrinter

_expression_A variable that represents an AdvancedPrintOptions object.

Return Value



The following properties of the AdvancedPrintOptions object are only accessible if the active printer is a Postscript printer: HorizontalFlip, VerticalFlip, and NegativeImage.

Use the IsActivePrinter property to specify the active printer for a publication.


The following example determines if the active printer is a PostScript printer. If it is, the active publication is set to print as a horizontally and vertically mirrored, negative image of itself.

Sub PrepToPrintToFilmOnImagesetter() 

With ActiveDocument.AdvancedPrintOptions 
 If .IsPostscriptPrinter = True Then 
 .HorizontalFlip = True 
 .VerticalFlip = True 
 .NegativeImage = True 
 End If 
End With 

End Sub

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