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AdvancedPrintOptions.HorizontalFlip Property (Publisher)

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True to print a horizontally mirrored image of the specified publication. The default is False. Read/write Boolean.


expression. HorizontalFlip

_expression_A variable that represents an AdvancedPrintOptions object.


This property is accessible only if the active printer is a PostScript printer. Returns a run-time error if a non-PostScript printer is specified. Use the IsPostscriptPrinter property of the AdvancedPrintOptions object to determine if the specified printer is a PostScript printer.

This property is saved as an application setting and applied to future instances of Microsoft Publisher.

This property corresponds to the Flip horizontally control on the Page Settings tab of the Advanced Print Settings dialog box.

This property is mostly used when printing to film on an imagesetter so that the image reads correctly when the emulsion side of the film is down (as when burning a press plate).


The following example determines if the active printer is a PostScript printer. If it is, the active publication is set to print as a horizontally mirrored and vertically mirrored, negative image of itself.

Sub PrepToPrintToFilmOnImagesetter() 

With ActiveDocument.AdvancedPrintOptions 
 If .IsPostscriptPrinter = True Then 
 .HorizontalFlip = True 
 .VerticalFlip = True 
 .NegativeImage = True 
 End If 
End With 

End Sub

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