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AdvancedPrintOptions.GraphicsResolution Property (Publisher)

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Returns or sets a PbPrintGraphics constant representing the resolution at which the inserted graphics are to be printed in the specified publication. Read/write.


expression. GraphicsResolution

_expression_A variable that represents a AdvancedPrintOptions object.

Return Value



Setting this property only affects inserted pictures (whether linked or embedded), and clip art. Autoshapes and border art will always be printed.

Printing boxes in place of graphics is useful when printing a quick proof of the layout that only shows the positioning of pictures.

This property corresponds to the Graphics controls on the Graphics and Fonts tab of the Advanced Print Settings dialog box.

The GraphicsResolution property value can be one of the PbPrintGraphics constants declared in the Microsoft Publisher type library.


The following example sets the graphics to print as boxes in the active publication.

Sub PrintGraphicAsBoxes 
 With ActiveDocument.AdvancedPrintOptions 
 If .GraphicsResolution <> pbPrintNoGraphics Then 
 .GraphicsResolution = pbPrintNoGraphics 
 End If 
 End With 
End Sub

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