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ViewsSingle.Add Method (Project)

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Adds a ViewSingle object to a ViewsSingle collection.


expression. Add( ** Name, ** Screen, ** ShowInMenu, ** Table, ** Filter, ** Group, ** HighlightFilt** )

expression A variable that represents a ViewsSingle object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
NameRequiredStringThe name of the view.
ScreenOptionalLongThe project view. Can be one of the PjViewScreen constants. The default value is pjGantt.
ShowInMenuOptionalBooleanTrue if Project Server adds the single-pane view to the View menu. The default value is False.
TableOptionalVariantSpecifies the table to be used by the view. This value is ignored if the view specified with the Screen argument does not use tables.
FilterOptionalVariantSpecifies the filter to be used on the view.
GroupOptionalVariantSpecifies the group to be used by the view. If a group is required for the view, but none is specified, the default is ** No Group. This value is ignored if the view specified with the **Screen argument does not use groups.
HighlightFiltOptionalBooleanTrue if the filter applied is a highlight filter. The default value is False.

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