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Task.TaskDependencies Property (Project)

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Gets a TaskDependencies collection of dependent (predecessor and successor) tasks. Read-only TaskDependencies.


expression. TaskDependencies

expression A variable that represents a Task object.


Each TaskDependency object in the TaskDependencies collection includes the link type and link lag information between the tasks.


The following example examines each predecessor for the specified task and displays a message for each predecessor task that has a priority higher than "Medium."

Sub FindHighPriPreds() 
 Dim TaskDep As TaskDependency 

 For Each TaskDep In ActiveProject.Tasks("Write Requirements Brief").TaskDependencies 
 If TaskDep.From.Priority > 500 Then 
 MsgBox "Task #" &; TaskDep.From.ID &; " (" &; TaskDep.From.Name &; ") " &; _ 
 "has a priority higher than medium." 
 End If 
 Next TaskDep 
End Sub
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