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Task.Rollup Property (Project)

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True if the dates of a subtask appear on its corresponding summary task bar. Read/write Variant.


expression. Rollup

expression A variable that represents a Task object.


The Rollup property must be True on the summary task as well as the subtasks for the rollup to occur.


The following example sets the Rollup property to True for milestone tasks, and to False for other tasks in the active project.

Sub DisplayMilestonesInSummaryBars() 

 Dim T As Task ' Task object used in For Each loop 

 ' Cycle through tasks in active project. 
 For Each T In ActiveProject.Tasks 
 ' If task is a milestone or a summary, set its Rollup property to True. 
 If T.Summary Or T.Milestone Then 
 T.Rollup = True 
 ' If task isn't a summary task or milestone, set its Rollup property to False. 
 T.Rollup = False 
 End If 
 Next T 

End Sub
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