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Task.Overallocated Property (Project)

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True if any of the assignments for a task is overallocated. Read-only Boolean.


expression. Overallocated

expression A variable that represents a Task object.


The following example displays the percentage of resources in the active project that are overallocated.

Sub DisplayOverallocatedPercentage() 

 Dim R As Resource ' Resource object used in For Each loop 
 Dim NOverallocated As Long ' Number of overallocated resources 

 For Each R In ActiveProject.Resources 
 If R.Overallocated Then NOverallocated = NOverallocated + 1 
 Next R 

 MsgBox (Str$((NOverallocated / ActiveProject.Resources.Count) * 100) _ 
 &; " percent (" &; Str$(NOverallocated) &; "/" &; Str$(ActiveProject.Resources.Count) _ 
 &; ")" &; " of the resources in this project are overallocated.") 

End Sub
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