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Task.LinkSuccessors Method (Project)

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Adds one or more successors to the task.


expression. LinkSuccessors( ** Tasks, ** Link, ** Lag** )

expression A variable that represents a Task object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
TasksRequiredObjectThe Task or Tasks object specified becomes a successor of the task specified with expression.
LinkOptionalLongA constant that specifies the relationship between tasks that become linked. Can be one of thePjTaskLinkType constants. The default value is pjFinishToStart.
LagOptionalVariantA string that specifies the duration of lag time between linked tasks. To specify lead time between tasks, use an expression for Lag that evaluates to a negative value.

Return Value



The following example create two tasks and links the second task as successor to the first.

Sub Link_Successors() 
    Dim SucessorTask As Task 
    Dim PredecessorTask As Task 

    'Activate Task Sheet view 
    ViewApply Name:="Task Sheet" 

    ' Create a coupe of tasks 
    SetTaskField Field:="Name", Value:="TestTask-2" 
    SetTaskField Field:="Duration", Value:="1" 

    SetTaskField Field:="Name", Value:="TestTask-1" 
    SetTaskField Field:="Duration", Value:="2" 

    'link them 
    Set PredecessorTask = ActiveProject.Tasks("TestTask-1") 
    Set SucessorTask = ActiveProject.Tasks("TestTask-2") 

    PredecessorTask.LinkSuccessors Tasks:=SucessorTask, Link:=pjFinishToStart 

    'delete the tasks 
End Sub
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