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Task.FixedCost Property (Project)

office 365 dev account|Last Updated: 6/12/2017
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Gets or sets a fixed cost for a task. Read/write Variant.


expression. FixedCost

expression A variable that represents a Task object.


The following example increases the fixed costs of marked tasks by an amount specified by the user.

Sub IncreaseFixedCosts() 

 Dim T As Task ' Task object used in For Each loop 
 Dim Entry As String ' Amount to add to any existing fixed cost 

 Entry = InputBox$("Increase the fixed costs of marked tasks by what amount?") 

 ' If entry is invalid, display error message and exit Sub procedure. 
 If Not IsNumeric(Entry) Then 
 MsgBox ("You didn't enter a numeric value.") 
 Exit Sub 
 End If 

 ' Increase the fixed costs of marked tasks by the specified amount. 
 For Each T In ActiveProject.Tasks 
 If T.Marked Then 
 T.FixedCost = T.FixedCost + Val(Entry) 
 End If 
 Next T 

End Sub
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