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Table.TableFields Property (Project)

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Gets a TableFields collection representing the fields in the table. Read-only TableFields.


expression. TableFields

expression A variable that represents a Table object.


The following example changes the alignment of a column in an entry table. The macro asks for input from the user to indicate which column the user wants to center, then changes the display and refreshes the view.

Sub AutoWrap() 
 Dim fieldNumber As Integer 

 fieldNumber = InputBox$(Prompt:="Enter the number of the " _ 
 &; "column you want to center in the Entry table." _ 
 &; Chr(13) &; "For example, Column 1 is the Indicators " _ 
 &; "column.") 

 ActiveProject.TaskTables("Entry").TableFields(fieldNumber _ 
 + 1).AlignData = pjCenter 

 TableApply Name:="&;Entry" 
End Sub
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