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Shape.Duplicate Method (Project)

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Duplicates a shape and returns a reference to the copy.


expression. Duplicate

expression A variable that represents a Shape object.

Return value



The following example uses the report created by the code example in the Shape.Apply method. The example duplicates a shape, and then rotates, horizontally flips, and selects the new shape. The horizontal offset and vertical offset of the new shape are both 12 points.

Sub DuplicateShape()
    Dim theReport As Report
    Dim shp1 As shape
    Dim duplicatedShape As shape
    Dim reportName As String

    reportName = "Apply Report"

    Set theReport = ActiveProject.Reports(reportName)
    Set shp1 = theReport.Shapes(1)

    Set duplicatedShape = shp1.Duplicate

    pos1 = shp1.left
    pos2 = duplicatedShape.left
    Debug.Print "Horizontal offset: " &; CStr(pos2 - pos1)

    pos1 =
    pos2 =
    Debug.Print "Vertical offset: " &; CStr(pos2 - pos1)

    duplicatedShape.Rotation = 30
    duplicatedShape.Flip msoFlipHorizontal

End Sub

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