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Resource.Overallocated Property (Project)

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True if a resource is overallocated. Read-only Boolean.


expression. Overallocated

expression A variable that represents a Resource object.


The Overallocated property does not return any meaningful information for material resources.


The following example displays the percentage of resources in the active project that are overallocated.

Sub DisplayOverallocatedPercentage() 

 Dim R As Resource ' Resource object used in For Each loop 
 Dim NOverallocated As Long ' Number of overallocated resources 

 For Each R In ActiveProject.Resources 
 If R.Overallocated Then NOverallocated = NOverallocated + 1 
 Next R 

 MsgBox (Str$((NOverallocated / ActiveProject.Resources.Count) * 100) _ 
 &; " percent (" &; Str$(NOverallocated) &; "/" &; Str$(ActiveProject.Resources.Count) _ 
 &; ")" &; " of the resources in this project are overallocated.") 

End Sub
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