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Resource.Group Property (Project)

office 365 dev account|Last Updated: 6/12/2017
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Gets or sets the group to which a resource belongs. Read/write String.


expression. Group

expression A variable that represents a Resource object.


The following example deletes the resources in the active project that belong to a group specified by the user.

Sub DeleteResourcesInGroup() 

 Dim Entry As String ' The group specified by the user 
 Dim Deletions As Integer ' The number of deleted resources 
 Dim R As Resource ' The resource object used in loop 

 ' Prompt user for the name of a group. 
 Entry = InputBox$("Enter a group name:") 

 ' Cycle through the resources of the active project. 
 For Each R in ActiveProject.Resources 
 ' Delete a resource if its group name matches the user's request. 
 If R.Group = Entry Then 
 Deletions = Deletions + 1 
 End If 
 Next R 

 ' Display the number of resources that were deleted. 
 MsgBox(Deletions &; " resources were deleted.") 

End Sub
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