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Resource.GetField Method (Project)

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Returns the value of the specified resource custom field.


expression. GetField( ** FieldID** )

expression A variable that represents a Resource object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
FieldIDRequiredLongFor a local custom field, can be one of the PjField constants for resource custom fields. For an enterprise custom field, use the FieldNameToFieldConstant method to get the FieldID.

Return Value



The following example displays the value of a local resource custom field specified by the user.

Sub DisplayField() 
    Dim Temp As String 

    Temp = InputBox$("Enter the name of the field you want to see:") 
    Temp = LCase(Temp) 

    Select Case Temp 
        Case "name" 
            MsgBox (ActiveCell.Resource.GetField(FieldID:=pjResourceName)) 
        Case "initials" 
            MsgBox (ActiveCell.Resource.GetField(FieldID:=pjResourceInitials)) 
        Case "standard rate" 
            MsgBox (ActiveCell.Resource.GetField(FieldID:=pjResourceStandardRate)) 
        Case "" 
        Case Else 
            MsgBox "You entered an invalid field. Please try again." 
    End Select 
End Sub

For an example that uses an enterprise resource custom field, see the SetField method.

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