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ReportTemplate.TemplatePath Property (Project)

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Gets the path and file name of the Visual Report template. Read-only String.


expression. TemplatePath

expression A variable that represents a ReportTemplate object.


The Visual Report template files are stored in the following directory for each user , where LCID is the language code identifier such as 1033 for U.S. English: C:\Users\[UserAlias]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates\[LCID]\. For example, adr1.xlt is a Microsoft Excel template.


The following example lists all of the Visual Report template types and files for the current user.

Sub ListTemplatePaths() 

 Dim templateList As String 

 Dim typeOfTemplate As String 

 Dim template As ReportTemplate 

 For Each template In Application.VisualReportTemplateList 

 Select Case template.templateType 

 Case pjExcel 

 typeOfTemplate = "Excel" 

 Case pjVisioMetric 

 typeOfTemplate = "Visio Metric" 

 Case pjVisioUS 

 typeOfTemplate = "Visio U.S." 

 Case Else 

 End Select 

 templateList = templateList &; vbCrLf &; typeOfTemplate &; ": " _ 

 &; template.TemplatePath 

 Next template 

 MsgBox "Visual Reports Templates:" &; templateList 

End Sub

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