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Project.SetObjectMatchingID Method (Project)

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Sets the matching identification value of an object in the Organizer dialog box, for example to change the view specified by "Gantt Chart".


expression. SetObjectMatchingID( ** ObjectType, ** ObjectName, ** MatchingID** )

expression A variable that represents a Project object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
ObjectTypeRequiredLongThe type of object, specified by a pjOrganizer constant.
ObjectNameRequiredStringDisplay name of the object.
MatchingIDRequiredStringString specifying the matching ID to set.


The following example sets the matching ID of a pjView object type with the display name "Gantt Chart" to "Gantt Chart 1".

ActiveProject.SetObjectMatchingID ObjectType:=pjView, ObjectName:="Gantt Chart", MatchingID:="Gantt Chart 1"
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