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Project.IsCheckoutOSVisible Property (Project)

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Gets whether the Check Out button is visible in the Backstage view. Read-only Boolean.


expression. IsCheckoutOSVisible

expression A variable that represents a Project object.


If the active project is not checked out, the Backstage view shows a Check Out button. The IsCheckoutOSVisible property is True if the Check Out button is visible in the Backstage view; otherwise, False.


The following example tests whether the checkout message bar is visible; if so, it hides the message bar. However, if the project is not checked out, the backstage view still shows the Check Out button, so the example can try to check out the project. If the project is checked out by you or checked out to someone else, Project shows an error dialog box with the message, "This project is already checked out to you on a different computer or Project Web App session."

Sub TestBackstageCheckout()
    ' Hide the checkout message bar.
    If ActiveProject.IsCheckoutMsgBarVisible Then
    End If

    ' If the Backstage Check Out button is visible, then the
    ' project is not checked out.
    If ActiveProject.IsCheckoutOSVisible Then
        Debug.Print "Attempted to check out: '" &; ActiveProject.Name &; "'"
        Debug.Print "'" &; ActiveProject.Name &; "' is already checked out."
    End If
End Sub

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