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Project.Index Property (Project)

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Gets the index of a Project object in the containing Projects collection. Read-only Variant.


expression. Index

expression A variable that represents a Project object.


If you put a Gantt chart in the same index of the Windows collection for every open project, you can display a Gantt chart in one project and then use the ActivateSameWindowInNextProject macro to easily switch to the Gantt charts of the other open projects.

Sub ActivateSameWindowInNextProject() 

 ' Check for a next project. 
 If ActiveProject.Index = Application.Projects.Count Then 
 MsgBox("No more open projects") 
 ' Check for an equivalent window in the next project. 
 ElseIf ActiveProject.Windows.ActiveWindow.Index > Projects(ActiveProject.Index + 1).Windows.Count Then 
 MsgBox("No equivalent window in the next project") 
 ' If everything's okay, switch to the window in the next project. 
 Projects(ActiveProject.Index + 1).Windows(ActiveWindow.Index).Activate 
 End If 

End Sub
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