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Project.Change Event (Project)

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Occurs when a change is made to data in the project. An action affecting several items at once is considered to be one change.


expression. Change( ** pj**, )

expression A variable that represents a Project object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
pjRequiredProjectThe project that changed.

Return Value



The Change event does not occur for actions such as switching views, applying filters, changing formatting, and so on.

Project events do not occur when the project is embedded in another document or application.


The following example shows how the ProjectTaskNew event can trap project-level events. In this case, the App_ProjectTaskNew event handler sets the global ProjTaskNew variable that the Change event handler uses. You can use similar code with the ProjectResourceNew and ProjectAssignmentNew events.

  1. Create a new class module named EventClassModule, and then insert the following code:

    Option Explicit 
    Option Base 1 

Public WithEvents App As Application Public WithEvents Proj As Project

Dim NewTaskIDs() As Integer Dim NumNewTasks As Integer

Dim ProjTaskNew As Boolean

Private Sub App_ProjectTaskNew(ByVal pj As Project, ByVal ID As Long) NumNewTasks = NumNewTasks + 1

If ProjTaskNew Then 
    ReDim Preserve NewTaskIDs(NumNewTasks) As Integer 
    ReDim NewTaskIDs(NumNewTasks) As Integer 
End If 

NewTaskIDs(NumNewTasks) = ID 

ProjTaskNew = True 

End Sub

Private Sub Proj_Change(ByVal pj As Project) Dim NewTaskID As Variant

If ProjTaskNew Then 
    For Each NewTaskID In NewTaskIDs 
        MsgBox "New Task Name: " &; ActiveProject.Tasks.UniqueID(NewTaskID).Name 
    Next NewTaskID 

    NumNewTasks = 0 

    ProjTaskNew = False 
End If 

End Sub

2. In a separate module, insert the following code:

Option Explicit

Dim X As New EventClassModule

Sub Initialize_App() Set X.App = MSProject.Application Set X.Proj = Application.ActiveProject End Sub

3. Run the  **Initialize_App** procedure to start listening to the events.

4. Create a new task. The event handler shows a message box every time a new task is added.

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