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Project.AutoAddResources Property (Project)

office 365 dev account|Last Updated: 6/12/2017
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True if new resources are automatically created as they are assigned. False if Project prompts before creating new resources. Read/write Boolean.


expression. AutoAddResources

expression A variable that represents a Project object.


The following example prompts the user to set the AutoAddResources, AutoCalculate, AutoLinkTasks, AutoSplitTasks, and AutoTrack properties.

Sub PromptForAutoPropertySettings() 
    Dim I As Integer ' Used in For...Next loop 
    Dim Prompts(5) As String ' Prompts to display on the screen 
    Dim Response As Long ' User response to prompt 
    Dim Responses(5) As Long ' Used to store user responses 

    ' Set each prompt. 
    Prompts(1) = "Automatically create new resources as they are assigned?" 
    Prompts(2) = "Automatically recalculate a project when a value, such as a date or cost, changes?" 
    Prompts(3) = "Automatically link sequential tasks when you cut, move, or insert tasks?" 
    Prompts(4) = "Automatically split tasks into parts for work complete and work remaining?" 
    Prompts(5) = "Automatically update the remaining work and cost for a resource when the completion percentage of one of the resource's tasks changes?" 

    ' Display each prompt, and store the user's responses. 
    For I = 1 To 5 
        Response = MsgBox(Prompts(I), vbYesNo) 
        Responses(I) = (Response = vbYes) 
    Next I 

    ' Set the automatic properties according to the user's responses. 
    ActiveProject.AutoAddResources = Responses(1) 
    Calculation = Responses(2) 
    ActiveProject.AutoLinkTasks = Responses(3) 
    ActiveProject.AutoSplitTasks = Responses(4) 
    ActiveProject.AutoTrack = Responses(5) 
End Sub
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