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PjTextItem Enumeration (Project)

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Contains constants that specify the text item in the Project database. For more information about working with fields in Project, see the "Fields reference" topics in Project Help.

pjAll0Represents the All text item.
pjAllocated1Represents the Allocated text item.
pjBarTextBottom14Represents the Bar Text Bottom text item.
pjBarTextInside15Represents the Bar Text Inside text item.
pjBarTextLeft11Represents the Bar Text Left text item.
pjBarTextRight12Represents the Bar Text Right text item.
pjBarTextTop13Represents the Bar Text Top text item.
pjCalendarExternalTask17Represents the Calendar External Task text item.
pjCalendarMonthlyTitles8Represents the Calendar Monthly Titles text item.
pjCritical2Represents the Critical text item.
pjDailyTitles9Represents the Daily Titles text item.
pjDateBoxBottomLeft15Represents the Date Box Bottom Left text item.
pjDateBoxBottomRight14Represents the Date Box Bottom Right text item.
pjDateBoxTopLeft13Represents the Date Box Top Left text item.
pjDateBoxTopRight12Represents the Date Box Top Right text item.
pjGanttExternalTask16Represents the Gantt External Task text item.
pjGanttMajorTimescale9Represents the Gantt Major Timescale text item.
pjGanttMinorTimescale10Represents the Gantt Minor Timescale text item.
pjGraphMajorTimescale3Represents the Graph Major Timescale text item.
pjGraphMinorTimescale4Represents the Graph Minor Timescale text item.
pjLegendLabels6Represents the Legend Labels text item.
pjMarked6Represents the Marked text item.
pjMilestone3Represents the Milestone text item.
pjMonthPreviews11Represents the Month Previews text item.
pjNoncritical1Represents the Noncritical text item.
pjOverallocated2Represents the Overallocated text item.
pjProjectSummary5Represents the Project Summary text item.
pjResourceFilterHighlight3Represents the Resource Filter Highlight text item.
pjResourceMajorTimescale6Represents the Resource Major Timescale text item.
pjResourceMinorTimescale7Represents the Resource Minor Timescale text item.
pjResourceRowColumnTitles4Represents the Resource Row Column Titles text item.
pjResourceUsageAssignmentRow5Represents the Resource Usage Assignment Row text item.
pjSummary4Represents the Summary text item.
pjTaskFilterHighlight7Represents the Task Filter Highlight text item.
pjTaskMajorTimescale10Represents the Task Major Timescale text item.
pjTaskMinorTimescale11Represents the Task Minor Timescale text item.
pjTaskRowColumnTitles8Represents the Task Row Column Titles text item.
pjTaskSheetExternalTask9Represents the Task Sheet External Task text item.
pjTaskUsageAssignmentRow9Represents the Task Usage Assignment Row text item.
pjTaskUsageExternalTask11Represents the Task Usage External Task text item.
pjTickLabels5Represents the Tick Labels text item.
pjWeeklyTitles10Represents the Weekly Titles text item.
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