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PjGroupOn Enumeration (Project)

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Contains constants that specify the type of grouping.

pjGroupOnDateDay13Group on date by day.
pjDateEachValue10Group on date for each value.
pjGroupOnDateHour12Group on date by hour.
pjGroupOnDateMinute11Group on date by minute.
pjGroupOnDateMonth16Group on date by month.
pjGroupOnDateQtr17Group on date by quarter.
pjGroupOnDateThirdOfMonth15Group on date by each third of a month.
pjGroupOnDateWeek14Group on date by week.
pjGroupOnDateYear18Group on date by year.
pjGroupOnDurationDays23Group on duration by days.
pjGroupOnDurationEachValue20Group on duration for each value.
pjGroupOnDurationHours22Group on duration by hours.
pjGroupOnDurationMinutes21Group on duration by minutes
pjGroupOnDurationMonths25Group on duration by months.
pjGroupOnDurationWeeks24Group on duration by weeks.
pjGroupOnEachValue0Group by each value.
pjGroupOnInterval1Group by the interval.
pjGroupOnOutlineEachValue30Group on each outline value.
pjGroupOnOutlineLevel31Group on the outline level.
pjGroupOnPct1_1045Group by 10 percent completion increments.
pjGroupOnPct1_2544Group by 25 percent completionincrements.
pjGroupOnPct1_5043Group by 50 percent completion increments.
pjGroupOnPct1_9942Group by 99 percent completion.
pjGroupOnPctEachValue40Group on percent of each value.
pjGroupOnPctInterval41Group on the interval percent.
pjGroupOnTextEachValue50Group on each text value.
pjGroupOnTextPrefix51Group on the text prefix.
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