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OutlineCodes.Count Property (Project)

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Gets the number of items in the OutlineCodes collection. Read-only Long.


expression. Count

expression A variable that represents an OutlineCodes object.


The following example prompts the user for the name of a resource and then assigns that resource to tasks without any resources.

Sub AssignResource() 

 Dim T As Task ' Task object used in For Each loop 

 Dim R As Resource ' Resource object used in For Each loop 

 Dim Rname As String ' Resource name 

 Dim RID As Long ' Resource ID 

 RID = 0 

 RName = InputBox$("Enter the name of a resource: ") 

 For Each R in ActiveProject.Resources 

 If R.Name = RName Then 

 RID = R.ID 

 Exit For 

 End If 

 Next R 

 If RID <> 0 Then 

 ' Assign the resource to tasks without any resources. 

 For Each T In ActiveProject.Tasks 

 If T.Assignments.Count = 0 Then 

 T.Assignments.Add ResourceID:=RID 

 End If 

 Next T 


 MsgBox Prompt:=RName &; " is not a resource in this project.", buttons:=vbExclamation 

 End If 

End Sub

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