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CostRateTable.PayRates Property (Project)

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Gets a PayRates collection that represents the various pay rates on the cost rate table for a resource. Read-only PayRates.


expression. PayRates

expression A variable that represents a CostRateTable object.


For the Resource object, the PayRates property returns pay rates for cost rate table A, the default table.


The following example lists the standard pay rates for all the cost rate tables of the resource in the active cell.

Sub ListPayRates() 
 Dim CRT As CostRateTable, PR As PayRate 
 Dim Rates As String 

 For Each CRT In ActiveCell.Resource.CostRateTables 
 For Each PR In CRT.PayRates 
 Rates = Rates &; "CostRateTable " &; CRT.Name &; ": " &; _ 
 PR.StandardRate &; " (Effective " &; PR.EffectiveDate &; _ 
 ")" &; vbCrLf 
 Next PR 
 Next CRT 

 MsgBox Rates 

End Sub
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